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Customer Care Team June 17, 2015 FAQs for Insurance Agents

View this PDF to answer your questions about the newly designed Agent Portal?

Customer Care Team May 15, 2013 FAQs for Insurance Agents

When you open your non-compliant email from myCOI and click through to your Certificate Management page, you can view the “Non Compliant Notes” in red. These items have not yet been provided and are in the contract the certificate holder has with your insured. Some of the more common items that we receive questions about are below. We hope this helps you answer a question you may have with your request.


Property: Waiver of Subrogation
A Property Waiver of Subrogation is commonly called “Transfer of Rights of Recovery” in a business personal property policy. We find that a majority of Property policies contain this section, and we will gladly accept the page of the policy that shows this wording. A sample policy containing this item is attached to this article.

Property: TIB
TIB is an abbreviation for Tenants Improvements and Betterments.

"Insured name does not match what our client has on file"
We check every certificate for the name that is on our client’s copy of the contract on file. If the name being asked for cannot be added to the certificate, just let myCOI know. We will advise our client to check their records and update them if necessary.

Customer Care Team January 6, 2013 How does the myCOI process work?

To view the myCOI Terms of Use, please download the attached pdf file.

Customer Care Team July 25, 2012 2 FAQs for policy holders

We put together a short video to help walk through the registration process. Enjoy!